Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Concept Art and Design Portfolio- 2013 Cross Section

Welcome to my new art and story blog! Figured it was about time to get one started for professional use, to post my art work, stories, reels, and portfolio updates in an easy to cite way. This first post is the latest update to my design and concept illustration portfolio. For more of my work, please check out the following links!

hitrecord (updates frequently): www.hitrecord.org/users/epocadofim 

vimeo (updates regularly): vimeo.com/epocalypse

website (major updates coming early 2014): www.etortorapato.com

Portrait Caricatures - 30 to 120 minutes

Cartoon Design and Ideation - 5 to 90 Minutes


(note: following mobile game concepts are property of Simply Social Interactive, LLC, do not distribute or copy)

Quick Studies and Storyboards - 20 min or Less

                                                     (Collaboration with Spaceship)

Film/Animation Stills, CG Modeling, & Completed Illustration - 60 min+

(Collaboration with Carli Ihde)

 (Collaboration with Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

(Collaboration with Metaphorest)


(Collaboration with Joab Nevo)

(Collaboration with Gregory Jones)

Huh. May have gone a little bit overboard, but there you go, concept art and design portfolio ca 2013-2014 for Eric Tortora Pato.

PS: The following artists and individuals, although not direct work collaborators, served as models for some of the above work and are not otherwise credited:

Images in this portfolio are the intellectual property of the artists who created and/or posed for them unless otherwise cited. Do not reuse, copy, or remix without permission. Much of the work in this portfolio is freely remixable on hitrecord.org. If you are interested in finding out more about how that works, please contact me at www.etortorapato.com .

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